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Take a deeep breath in, sloowwly exhale letting go of any tension and take a moment to Arrive.

Yoga for me is not only something you do for 60 / 90 minutes on a mat, it is both a physical and mental Journey to calm your nervous system and your mind for on and off the mat. It is a practice that connects you with your deeper self, therefore enabling you to listen and understand what you need physically, mentally, emotionally and perhaps even spiritually.

My motto is, without sounding cliche, live a life filled with love and LIVE your dreams no matter what others tell you is or is not possible. Learn to slow down and take a deep breath, for it is then you will see more of the sweet things life brings.

With my many years of experience working in a corporate office, I understand the difficulties of slowing down and taking a deep breath, this is why I have developed a style to help everyone reach this state of relaxation.


My priorities are to help those who want to reach a calm and healthy state with energising Asanas (Yoga Positions) and calming exercises.

My motivation to teach yoga is the transitional lifestyle I made myself. Through the practice of yoga I have changed my life in ways I didn't know possible. I want to share this feeling/knowledge with others.

I have over 10 years of practice, in addition to a Yoga Teacher Training course I completed in Nepal in 2015.

So there it is, words on a paper, or rather a screen, to give you a sneak peak of what I can offer. Let`s virtualy get in touch and connect on the mat!


Hope to meet you at my next class!

With Love,



Customise your Journey...


Self-Transformation Journeys

Designed for you...

Private 4 Week Journey  - Online Packages
Choose the Journey that suites you best!

Starter Transformation

2 Private 1 hour classes + 2 customised 15/20 minute Videos

Dedication Transformation

4 Private classes + 2 20 minute consultations

Ultimate Transformation

4 Private classes + 8 customised 15/20 minute videos 

Private Group Yoga - Online
Create your own group! 

Calling out to ALL levels & ALL genders!

Gather your friends and/or colleagues for some weekly team building Yoga. 


Shed the daily stress, step out of work mode and take a moment to pause. 

With daily practice, anyone can develope a know how to meet everyday life and all the chalenges it brings more consciously, balanced and at ease. :)

Public Group Yoga Classes - Online
Monday Evenings

Join us every Monday 19:00-20:00 VIA ZOOM for a refreshing evening Yoga Flow. Every class will have a special theme. 

We will focus on pressing that pause button & taking a moment to nourish our bodies, clam our minds and end your day feeling energised and fresh with Hatha and Yin mash up! 

Private Class - Online

Book a one to one Private online session from the comfort of your home to really get what YOU need! 


Yoga Retreats

Stress Melt Yoga Retreat 

Seglora, Sweden

August 19-22 2021

Un-Plug, Relax and Rediscover yourself

Join us for a well needed & deserved break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life.

We will be submerged in the Swedish forest ( although easy to get to) on a beautiful lake in Seglora, perfect to Un-Plug, Relax and Rediscover yourself.

I will provide a space of safety, relaxation and exploration for you to re-connect with yourself and shed away the cluster of stress and negative energy you've been holding on to, giving room for the love and future you want in your life, through Nature adventures, Healthy Vegetarian/Vegan nutritional meals, Hatha/Yin Yoga and Meditation. We will also have a special guest for a soft healing session if you choose to participate.

You are here to connect with lovely like minded people and most importantly getting in touch with yourself and the love you hold within you.

I hope to provide a fun and inspiring space for you to leave the retreat feeling light, motivated and full of energy!

Prices start at 500€. 

For more info click here.

Looking forward to connecting on the mat in Sweden with you soon!




"Offering yoga to our community has been a game-changer. Cynthia's teaching method and experience teaching yoga at the workplace truly sets her apart-- it was exactly the style we were searching for, one that works for all levels. Yoga is something everyone looks forward to each week. Thank you, Cynthia for helping us keep our employees and members energized and happy. "


Interviews with Arrivé Yoga Berlin 

Here are some of the Interviews I've been featured in where you can get to know me a little better ;)

Yoga @ betahus

June 10, 2020

People in beta on Lockdown #7: Cynthia Deslongchamps - The backpacker who became a Berlin-based yogi...

Laughing Yoga



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